Perth Security Sensor Light Installation

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We can install your Motion Sensor Lights.

Avoid Cheap Imported Sensor Lights

We are often installing motion sensor lights for the security and convenience they offer.  While there are a lot of cheap imports on the market  Safety Switch electrical services supply the Clipsal Weatherproof Passive Infrared Sensor  that comes with a 5 year guarantee. It is an excellent motion sensor and can be wired to any light of your own choosing.

Cheap imported sensor lights are available at any hardware but these cheap sensor lights are prone to failure.  They are often not  weatherproof or made from UV stable plastics and they break easily.  Once fitted they are prone to nuisance switching or often don’t work at all.  We don’t recommend you install cheap sensor lights.

We Stand by our Best Motion Sensors

If you want the best security sensor light on the market be confident that we will stand behind the products we supply. We can also install a special 3 position switch for your sensor light so it can have 3 modes:  ON – OFF –  SENSOR

Whatever you need,  Safety Switch electrical services can give you all the right advice.   We’re always happy to enlighten you!  Call us on 0404 216 333    or use our contact form.