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Is your new smoke alarm legal? Be aware that your smoke alarm will not meet the new legislative requirements if not labelled AS3786:2014  email us  or call 0404 216 333

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SafetySwitch recommends CLIPSAL  FireTek smoke alarms

A hard wired smoke detector is the same as a hard wired smoke alarm the only difference is the name.   So it is the same thing.

New standard for residential smoke alarms:  Smoke alarms labelled only AS3786 are no longer legal and must be labelled “AS3786:2014”.  This applies to all dwellings new and old and is especially important for the purpose of selling or renting out homes in Western Australian. SafetySwitch electrical services only supply these new smoke alarms.

Some multi story apartments and town houses can’t have 240 volt hard wired smoke alarms  fitted where there is just a concrete ceiling and no access to wiring. Safety Switch electrical services carry the latest equipment to overcome these problems and installation of smoke alarms into  concrete ceilings costs no more than a  plaster cavity ceiling.   One type of smoke alarm that may cost slightly more to install is the hard wired photoelectric smoke alarm.

Don’t be driven mad by false alarms!

Over 90% of the smoke alarms fitted are of the ionisation type,  in a sense it is a smoke alarm that has a nose.  It sniffs for fumes!  When this type of alarm is fitted it must be kept away from any smokey environments such as near wood heaters,  kitchens and very small spaces in general like small apartments.   In this case it would be best to install the photoelectric smoke detector which is not as prone to false alarms.

What is a hard wired photoelectric smoke alarm?

Hard Wired Photoelectric smoke alarms are superior to hard wired ionisation smoke  alarms in detecting the visible smoke produced by smoldering fires.   The photoelectric smoke alarm uses an  ‘electronic  eye’   to detect smoke and in its design it is less  prone to false alarms.  This type of  smoke detector is more expensive to manufacture but it is a small price to pay for having the job done right the first time.

It’s important to note that independent tests have confirmed that one type of smoke alarm is not necessarily  better than the other. Ionisation smoke alarms tend to respond slightly faster to flaming fires, whereas photoelectric smoke alarms tend to respond faster to smouldering fires.   Since you can’t predict the type of fire that will occur, installing both types of alarms in your home can enhance fire safety.

At Safety Switch electrical services we carry all the right equipment to have your home completely  protected from the hazards of smoke and fire.

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R Middleton.  April 2011.