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Safety Switch installation, certification, upgrades and faults.

SafetySwitch Installations are essential for all homes and businesses.  We install safety switches throughout Beaconsfield in WA. Call  0404 216 333 or email us today to find out more.

We offer very competitive prices on safety switches and smoke alarm installations including unrivalled fault finding and testing but what’s more we take pride in our work. It’s knowledge and attention to detail that sets us apart from the rest. To find out more contact us on 0404 216 333 today. 

Safety Switch installations Beaconsfield understands the needs of consumers to have safe, reliable power to the home and business.  That is why SafetySwitch takes great care when installing RCD switches, clearly labelling them and making sure the client understands what to do if a safety switch trips off the lights or power. Remember, your safety switch installation must be for both power and lights.  Furthermore  due to strict regulations, you are not allowed to have all lights and power connected to the same safety switch, meaning at least 2 safety switches will need to be installed. 

Safety Switch Installations Beaconsfield has over 2 decades of expertise to install and manage your safety switch installations with great care, with out nuisance faults and tripping whilst at the same time clearly informing clients of their responsibilities when managing unforseen future electrical faults due to flooding,  damaged cables or faulty appliances.

The Original SafetySwitch Installation Company for Beaconsfield WA. 

Safety Switch Installations WA.  Installers of RCD switches, testing and fault finding.

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