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We Install RCD safety switches to your home or business to help prevent electric shock. The RCD Clipsal Switch monitors your power and detects electrical faults to earth thereby disconnecting the electricity in an instant. Consumers should be aware of cheap RCDs. We only use high quality ABB and CLIPSAL RCD switches. 

For quality service and good  prices on Fremantle RCD and Smoke Alarm fitting –  NO CALL OUT FEES and will beat any written quote! 

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How much does it cost to have an RCD installed in Fremantle or Perth?  Sometimes referred to as a Clipsal Switch, the RCD can save your life. To help prevent electrocution, have your RCD fitted today. Safety Certificate supplied. At least 2 RCD switches need to be installed on all home switchboards. We supply and install high quality RCD switches. Call for a free quote today.

Be wise and use the Perth RCD installation specialist. With over 30 years of extensive electrical trade experience you know you are getting the best in the game.  Quality service and an experienced professional working in Perth and Fremantle as an electrician since 1987.

SafetySwitch electrical services is not a franchise, and we do not employ sub-contractors. You are guaranteed top professional, personal service. 

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The Safety Switch Guarantee ~  We will install your RCD  On Site – On time – Every Time.


Need an RCD fitted quickly for your rental property  in Fremantle or Perth?  Private and strata services, we’ve got you covered! What does an RCD cost?  Just take a photo of your switchboard with your phone and text it to us and we will get back to you immediately with a quote.  It’s as simple as that! Read our Google reviews, we are Perth’s No. 1 RCD installer.

We cover all types of RCD installations and safety certificates for real estate and settlement agents etc.

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What is an RCD?  R.C.D or ‘Residual Current Device’ is an electrical safety switch. It should not be confused with a standard circuit breaker that will only cut off the power should a heavy overload occur.  Only the RCD can provide an increased level of personal electrical safety.

How do RCDs work? The RCD safety switch assists in preventing electric shock by  constantly monitoring your power.  Should it detect a minute electrical fault from the active or  neutral conductor to  earth,  your power is switched off in a split second.  With no RCD wired in, that hazard remains unchecked increasing the risk of a fatal electric shock.

The 6 top reasons for having  an RCD electrical switch installed in Fremantle and Perth:

By using our services you’re getting the best in the business.  Just check out our genuine reviews on  Google.

1)   Installing  an RCD will help prevent electric shock
2)  The RCD  can  detect faulty dangerous appliances
3)  Your  RCD  can pick up faulty  wiring
4)  An RCD can detect water in your electrical system
5)  By wiring in an RCD it can help prevent electrical fires and damage to your property
6)  All homes must be fitted with at least 2 RCD’s  to comply with new laws.

We provide a FREE RCD Testing Service with residential installations from Fremantle to Perth WA. 

Multiple RCD Installation is Cheaper!  When we fit 3 or more RCD electrical switches in a multiple format the price of the installation is reduced per RCD by over 30% making it a cheap practical choice to make. You will have a far superior electrical installation.

Get rid of the old Fuses!   We fit RCD switches and NEVER wire them with old fuses. The fuses are removed and a combination  RCD / overload protective device is fitted.  Sadly we still see new RCD safety switches fitted on boards that are simply wired into old fuses – the job has only been half done.  Porcelain wire fuses are not longer allowed, so why accept anything less? SafetySwitch electrical services will only use the latest RCD switches that incorporate overload protection technology.  Say good bye to those old fuses forever.

Every home in Perth, Western Australia must have no less than 2 RCD  electrical safety switches  fitted and  hard wired smoke alarms.  Without this a property can not be sold, rented, leased or change Title and heavy penalties apply for  non compliance.

We provide a FAST and FREE RCD FAULT ASSESSMENT when we attend to do any residential installation work and can best advise you on what course of action to take to repair faulty electrical wiring that causes your RCD to constantly trip.   All of our work is guaranteed and includes an electrical safety certificate.

Which RCD should you have installed in your home?   We prefer to install the high quality single pole safety switch  in  the 6KA range.  This is a fast acting,  more compact RCD electrical switch which is  a circuit breaker for overload protection and safety switch all in one  removing the need for old fuses.

The benefits of Multiple RCD Electrical Safety Switch Installation. As this type of RCD electrical switch is more compact it also allows you to have the RCD fitted in a multiple format.  That means installing an individual RCD electrical switch to each of the  power and light circuits of your home or business.   Should a fault occur  only that one circuit will trip off.    The disruption to your power and your business whether it be in the home or office is kept to a bare minimum as all the other power and light circuits remain on.

It is now common to find numerous  RCD switches  fitted to modern switchboards.  We can give you a FREE QUOTE on replacing all your old fuses with the latest RCD switches and circuit breakers. We also install solid state Surge Protectors to the mains power in order to protect all of your electronic appliances from electrical storms and voltage spikes.

Perth  RCD Testing is a fast free service with any residential installations that we do.  Too often an old RCD will fail to operate when it should.   Over time dirt and moisture gets into the RCD affecting its ability to function correctly.  We have all  the equipment to test the switching speed of your RCD to within 1000th of a second!

For more info and self help on RCD safety switches  go to our RCD FAQ page.

Call now for a FAST FREE RCD  QUOTE.   We will also test your old RCD for free when we attend to your job.  The RCD installation electrician.  

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