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Hard wired 240 volt smoke alarms with 10 year back-up battery!

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Our hard wired photoelectric smoke alarms are of the highest quality and exceed the new laws AS3786:2014 

As of 2017, only Smoke alarms labelled AS3786:2014 will comply with new laws.

“A lot of homes in Fremantle and Perth have roof spaces that contain paper insulation. We strongly recommend to install an auxillary smoke alarm in the roof cavity. This smoke alarm is interconnected to other smoke alarms throughout the house. This is a cheap and highly affordable solution to greatly reduce fire risk in your home, protecting lives and property.” Read below for further information…

New standard for residential smoke alarms:  Smoke alarms only labelled AS3786 are no longer legal and must be labelled “AS3786:2014”.  This applies to all dwellings new and old and is especially important for the purpose of selling or renting out homes in Western Australian.

SafetySwitch electrical services only supply and install smoke alarms that meet these new laws that came into effect in 2017.

New dwellings –

As of the 1st of May 2017, all new Class 1 buildings and sole-occupancy units in Class 2 or 3 buildings and Class 4 parts of a building, where the application for a building permit is lodged on or after 1 May 2017, need to be fitted with smoke alarms that comply with AS 3786:2014 (Incorporating Amendment No. 1) – Smoke alarms using scattered light, transmitted light or ionization.

Existing dwellings –

This requirement to comply with AS 3786:2014 will also apply to any installation of smoke alarms from 1 May 2017 in dwellings subject to transfer of ownership, lease or hire in Western Australia including any replacement smoke alarms in leased or hired dwellings where the smoke alarms are no longer in working order, or are more than 10 years old. This does not trigger a requirement to replace existing compliant alarms.

Smoke alarm identification –

Building practitioners, owners and electrical contractors should be looking for an AS 3786:2014 marking on the new smoke alarm to ensure it is in accordance with the relevant standard as a smoke alarm manufactured under AS 3786:1993 – Smoke alarms, will no longer be a BCA deemed-to-satisfy product from 1 May 2017.

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Install your new smoke alarm without delay. We have specialised in hard wired 240 volt smoke alarm installations in Fremantle and Perth since 2000.  We are On Time – Every time! 

  • We Install High Quality 240 volt hard wired smoke alarms that incorporate a 10 year lithium battery life.
  • 5 year manufacturers warranty and we issue you with an Electrical Safety Certificate.

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Your Smoke Alarm Installation Guarantee.  RCD Safety Switch electrical services does not use Sub-Contractors to do your electrical work.  We will fit your smoke alarm on site, on time, every time.   We are fully insured and fully licensed. We install quality smoke alarms throughout Fremantle and Perth.

Fremantle is a very old area full of heritage homes. We offer better solutions to greatly reduce fire risk in your home and business. A large number of homes in Fremantle contain cellulose paper blow-in insulation in roof cavities and unfortunately this material becomes flammable with age. Electrical faults causing sparks and hot halogen downlights have the potential to easily ignite this paper insulation. With no smoke alarm fitted, lives and your investment are at great risk which is why it is now required by law to have smoke alarms fitted in all homes that are rented out, sold or change title.  It is a minimum requirement that these smoke alarm(s) be fittted close to entry-exits of bedrooms and on each level in multi story dwellings. Additionally, due to the fact that a lot of Fremantle homes have roof spaces that contain paper insulation we recommend it best to install an auxillary smoke alarm in the roof cavity. This smoke alarm can be interconnected to other smoke alarms throughout the house. This is a cheap and highly affordable solution to greatly reduce fire risk in your home, protecting lives and property. As the Fremantle smoke alarm specialists we don’t just do homes. We install high quality monitored smoke alarm systems for the protection of assets catering for big business, general commercial and warehousing.

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The hard wired smoke alarm is a true life saver.  Safety Switch electrical services can offer you all the right advice on fitting smoke alarms.

Want to know what type of smoke alarm you should get?  Photoelectric or Ionisation Smoke Detectors.

We carry a wide range of the best hard wired smoke detectors in Perth.   Both high quality hard wired Photo Electric and  Ionisation smoke detectors.  Also 10 year Lithium, Non Interchangeable,  Rechargeable and  Interconnected.  We’ve got what you need.

For a Smoke Detector to function correctly it has to be installed in just the right spot. You don’t want false alarms and you certainly don’t want it to fail because it was fitted incorrectly.  Too close to a wall or divide could see the smoke alarm fail to operate when it should. Make sure you get the job done right the first time.

We can replace your old smoke alarms.  FESA advise all  Smoke Alarms be replaced every 10 years.

Did you know? New legislation stipulates that all homes be fitted with  R.C.D safety switches and hard wired  smoke alarms.

Get Fast efficient RCD and smoke alarm fitting.

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