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SafetySwitch LED Lamps ~  Super Efficient,   Super Bright,  Long Life. 

Our new LED lamps are perfect for retro fitting  in standard 12 volt downlights and other light fittings with a compatible transformer.  We have the most efficient LED lamps on the market to date.  Our range of LED lamps start from as little as  $18 each. We have high quality 11 watt LED lamps that provide 80% more  light compared to Halogen lamps. We stock the latest range of 240 volt and 12 volt LED lamps. These produce a powerful quality light for residential, commercial and industrial use.

LED lamps will save you  MONEY!

The LED lamp pays for itself.  LED lamps last 10 times longer than standard lamps and have a real tangible effect on reducing your electricity bill.  It’s a No Brainer!  Even without looking at the massive power savings you can clock up, just knowing the lamp lasts so long means your in front from the very beginning.

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