Perth LED Office Lighting. Relamping with LED Panel Lights

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NO more relamping! Install LED panel lights in your office in Fremantle or Perth and you can drastically reduce your electricity bills. 

It’s a No Brainer! Replacing your old fluorescent tubes, starters and broken lamp holders is a thing of the past because it is now more economical to simply retro-fit your old lights with energy saving LED panels. Wafer thin, smart looking, longer lasting, brilliant lighting. 

You can provide better office lighting for your staff and save $$$. Ask us to give you an obligation free quote to retro fit your LED panel lights today. Call 0404 216 333 or email us now.

LED panel lights will do the following:

  • Produce no UV light
  • No flicker and are instant start
  • Can save you thousands of dollars off your power bill every year
  • Are brighter and provide a better quality light
  • Have an exceedingly longer life than fluorescent light fittings.
  • You can select the colour of light preferred from 3000K to 5000K 
  • They Look fantastic! 

Using our services to relamp your office includes remedial work to single insulated wiring and connections when retro fitting your lights, we fix these commonly found faults at the lighting points free of charge when swapping out office lights. 

The average office will save on average approximately $1440* a year in electricity when swapping to LED panel lights.

* You will save approximately $1440 a year calculated on the standard Synergy fee of 30 cents per unit @ 50 hours a week over 48 weeks when retro fitting  50 x  standard twin tube fluorescent light fittings with LED panel lights (and power prices are only increasing!)

~ SafetySwitch electrical services, LED lighting specialists ~