Fremantle Solar, Storage Electric Hot Water System Element Replacement Service

Install a solar hot water booster timer and save money!

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No hot water? No Worries. We specialise in diagnosing electric hot water system faults. This includes replacing elements and thermostats in solar and storage electric hot water units. 

Want to save literally hundreds of dollars off your Synergy power bills in Perth? By connecting your electric storage or solar hot water heater to a timer means you don’t waste power boosting the hot water in when it’s not needed.  We fit the latest easy to use high quality hot water time clocks to the switchboard.  These compact and easy to use time clocks have 3 modes to choose from at the press of a button – BOOST – VACATION – AUTOMATIC.

Perth ~ Melville ~ Fremantle ~ Rockingham

No more going out the turn on the hot water,  just SET and FORGET  and instantly SAVE MONEY on power. Too often these energy hungry hot water heaters are left on 365 days of the year. Solar Hot Water Heaters in Perth only need occasional boosting over the winter months.  You can save hundreds of dollars by reducing your power consumption in Perth and this is the first place to start.

The SafetySwitch electronic timer pays for itself and we are busy installing these all over Perth and Fremantle.  So why wait – Reduce those Synergy bills now!

We cover all local areas: Fremantle, Melville, Kardinya, Spearwood, Hamilton Hill, Myaree, Cockburn, White Gum Valley, South Fremantle, North Fremantle, East Fremantle, Coogee, Hilton, 

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