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Melville smoke alarm installation specialists. No Call Out Fees

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Specialists in hard wired smoke alarm installation in Melville and Perth.

    Your new smoke alarm will only be legal if labelled AS3786:2014 under the new building code.

Call the Melville Smoke Alarm technicians on 0404 216 333 or email us today

Engaging SafetySwitch electrical services to install your smoke alarms in the City of Melville means you’re getting the best specialist service backed by over 30 years of extensive knowhow. All Melville smoke alarm installations include an electrical safety certificate and a free asessment of the electrical panel for RCD switches and other relevant electrical needs to make your home complaint for sale or rent.

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LED lighting selection guide.


A layman’s guide to choosing the correct type of LED lights for your home.

LED wall lights, LED downlights, LED strip lighting and simple LED light bulbs. The an ample choice of LED lights to chose from  the options are endless but selection of good quality LED lamps is essential in order to benefit from the huge energy savings that can be expected from changing your old lights over to LED.  The most popular option today is downlights and the LED choices are daunting but there are some simple tips to get you on your way.

Stay clear of LED lamps sold in general lighting shops or those big hardwares.  Reading reviews on Google can really help you find top quality LED lamps.  Only buy your LED lamps from specialist suppliers or you can buy directly from us.

5 popular LED downlights.

  1. E27 edison screw LED lamps (240 volt)
  2. GU10  bi-pin LED lamps (240 volt)
  3. Panel lights (multi-chip)
  4. MR16 12 volt ‘single chip type’.
  5. LED one piece kits  ‘single chip type’.

The last 3 run on extra low voltage (ELV) of between 12 to 50 volts and the LED kits come with a driver which is a small transformer that drops and converts the voltage to a suitable waveform for optimum LED lamp performance.  The panel lights are made up of small LED chip sets and come in all shapes and sizes from small round downlight type fittings to large square panels.

Links to some of the top LED lamps

soraa-fb  creeee        IMG_d900

The most popular option for LED lighting now seems to be the affordable ELV multiple chip downlight kit. They offer a lot of good light and good beam spread (for some models) and have been around long enough to have chalked up a good reputation. Three of the best brands we recommend are SAMSUNG, SORAA and CREE (As in CREE, California, USA. Not to be confused with cheap Chinese ‘CREE’ copies on eBay).  To get the best results always look for LED lamps with a high CRi (colour rendering index) of 85 or above. Soraa make a stunning LED lamp we use for art galleries with a CRi well above 90 and offers one of the most efficient LED lamps available worldwide.

In Perth you can contact us for your high quality LED lighting installations on 0404 216 333  or email us.


Fremantle Solar, Storage Electric Hot Water System Element Replacement Service

Install a solar hot water booster timer and save money!

Call  0404 216 333 or email us

No hot water? No Worries. We specialise in diagnosing electric hot water system faults. This includes replacing elements and thermostats in solar and storage electric hot water units. 

Want to save literally hundreds of dollars off your Synergy power bills in Perth? By connecting your electric storage or solar hot water heater to a timer means you don’t waste power boosting the hot water in when it’s not needed.  We fit the latest easy to use high quality hot water time clocks to the switchboard.  These compact and easy to use time clocks have 3 modes to choose from at the press of a button – BOOST – VACATION – AUTOMATIC.

Perth ~ Melville ~ Fremantle ~ Rockingham

No more going out the turn on the hot water,  just SET and FORGET  and instantly SAVE MONEY on power. Too often these energy hungry hot water heaters are left on 365 days of the year. Solar Hot Water Heaters in Perth only need occasional boosting over the winter months.  You can save hundreds of dollars by reducing your power consumption in Perth and this is the first place to start.

The SafetySwitch electronic timer pays for itself and we are busy installing these all over Perth and Fremantle.  So why wait – Reduce those Synergy bills now!

We cover all local areas: Fremantle, Melville, Kardinya, Spearwood, Hamilton Hill, Myaree, Cockburn, White Gum Valley, South Fremantle, North Fremantle, East Fremantle, Coogee, Hilton, 

 Contact me via email today!

Want more great energy saving ideas?  Reduce your lighting energy use by up to 70%

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